State Representative Platform


Dorthea E. Thomas for State Representative, District 3


As State Representative, my legislative priorities will be to focus on job creation and the collective bargaining rights of workers, protecting the public health of Michigan, and restoring democratic justice for all. I am running for office because my community is depending on me to be the change we all wish to see in Detroit. Our voices should matter in Lansing.

I am inspired to be the voice of Detroit by bringing our concerns to the State Capitol; because I know that in order to bring about substantial positive change we need someone in office who will be sincerely DEDICATED to the needs of people, have the ability to EMPOWER others to get involved, and has TRUE integrity in their leadership. 

“I will work diligently to help provide a healthier and more sustainable economy in Michigan.” 


  • Increasing Michigan Renewable Portfolio Standards

Michigan’s energy landscape is shaped largely by relatively low-growth in projected demand, a strong renewable portfolio standard (RPS), extensive natural gas infrastructure, and great potential for increased generation of energy from wind and biomass sources. We spend 1.4 billion dollars a year on exporting coal from other states to create energy; when we can create and keep jobs right here in Michigan. 

“With renewable energy alternatives, we’ll create a diverse range of jobs from manufacturing to engineering and we’ll also build healthier and more sustainable communities for our state. This means more jobs, business opportunities, and better health.”


  • Protecting Public Health and Equitable Access to Health Care for all

Michigan policymakers have an unprecedented opportunity, through implementation of rules and regulations, to improve the public health, health outcomes, and lives of Michigan’s workers and their families. As many as 500,000 residents could obtain healthcare coverage through various programs and resources. The federal government is providing full federal support to enable these momentous changes to begin. It is up to Michigan lawmakers to appropriate the necessary federal funding to make the promise a reality for Michigan’s residents. 


  • Supporting Policies that will Promote a Fair, Just Government
Michigan’s county driven public defense model is consistently deemed inadequate, as many defendants are unconstitutionally processed through the state’s justice system without proper legal representation or due process. Nationally, the state ranks 44th out of 50 states in its funding for public defense, spending 38 percent lower than the national average. Therefore, the Michigan State Legislature must support an assessment of Michigan’s defense system and develop statewide juvenile defense standards.


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