Dorthea E. Thomas for Detroit


Dorthea E. Thomas is a strong advocate of green jobs/ full employment, public health, and social justice for Detroit. She has been a resident of the Northeastern District of Detroit her entire life; raised by her loving grandparents. She is a civil and human rights activist who is determined to be the change she wish to see in Detroit. As the eldest of out of 4 children, she has always been known to be the person who must lead in order to make a difference. Currently, she is the C.E.O. and Founder of The Minority Women in Leadership Commission, Inc. which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring and empowering young women and girls to increase their leadership capabilities.

Debbie Stabenow and I

Dorthea E. Thomas and US Senator Debbie Stabenow


U.S. Congressman Conyers (only congressional candidate ever endorsed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and I at the Trade Union Leadership Council building.

Dorthea E. Thomas and U.S. Congressman John Conyers

She entered the political world when she was Vice President of the NAACP Eastern Michigan University chapter and was approached by U.S. Congressman Conyers to join his campaign. She has held positions as the press secretary assistant intern for U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, a personal assistant for U.S. Congressman John Conyers, and an Environmental and ClimateJustice Leadership Fellow with the NAACP National Headquarters. Also, she was invited to The White House Youth Summit to help encourage young people to get enrolled in healthcare.


After her commencement ceremony from Eastern Michigan University in 2013, she ran for Detroit City Council in District 3 and came up 600 votes short of making it into the General Election. After the race, she worked as an AmeriCorps Green Schools Coordinator with Detroit Public Schools and Ecoworks. In that position she help develop communication strategies, energy efficiency projects on energy, resource management, and nutrition, and manage utility bills to help improve student achievement, lower district cost, and improve the health of the district. 

As a Climate Justice Leadership Fellow at the New Organizing Institute for WE ACT for Environmental Justice, she worked to implement an environmental justice perspective in the Obama Climate Action Plan, create the 1st Environmental Justice House Resolution 479, and helped the Progressive Caucus initiate a letter to the President addressing the concerns of low-income, communities of color.  She is an advocate of protecting the health, safety and welfare of women and children. When she was the Women’s Resource Center Program coordinator, she helped provide free and low-cost referrals to women who needed health care, housing, and emergency response services. As a Contributing Editor with Mom’s Clean Air Force, she advocates on behalf of a community of moms and dads united against air pollution – including the urgent crisis of our changing climate – to protect our children’s health. She currently holds the position of 1st Vice President of the NAACP Youth and College Division of Michigan. 

NAACP Dorthea Site

Background: Public Service

After she became a graduate of The White House Project “Go Run” training in 2011 she knew she would began her career of public service very early. Her passion to serve her community and run for public office was ignited along with the mentorship of other activist. She is also a YP4 Fellow- a People for the American Way program and was accepted to the Civic Engagement Academy for the Center of Progressive Leadership. She currently holds the Campus 2 Congress-City Hall- Corporate Fellowship with the Bard Center for Environmental Policy. Currently, she serves as an Environmental and Climate Justice Ambassador for Michigan State Conference NAACP and has started her own environmental business for women of color, Hope for G.R.E.E.N.- Grass Roots Energy and Environment Network Movement right in Detroit that focuses on making our community a clean, safer, and more healthy place to build and grow. Her community memberships and involvement exist in many national organizations such as: NAACP, National Association of Professional Women, and the National Association of Women Lawyers.



She has attended and graduated from both public and charter schools located on Detroit’s North East Side: Mason Elementary, Farwell Middle School, Nolan Middle School, Pershing High School, and Detroit Technology High School. In 2010, she became a Council on Legal Education Opportunity Scholar at Thomas Cooley Law School by completing a Sophomore Summer Institute in high honors. In college, she has held executive offices such as the 1st Vice President of NAACP at Eastern Michigan University, Director of Diversity in EMU Student Government, and 1st Vice President of Black Student Union. She also served on the Student Government Relations Committee, The University Diversity and Affirmative Active Planning Committee, the MI- ACE Women’s Conference Planning Committee, and Martin Luther King History Celebration Committee. She graduates with a B.S. in Women Studies, Public Law & Gov, and Criminology/ Criminal Justice at Eastern Michigan University; and looks forward to began studying at University of District of Columbia- David A. Clarke Law School with a concentration on Public Policy. 


Your Vote Counts!

In many ways, Dorthea E. Thomas has proven that she is indeed an dedicated and empowered leader with integrity. All her young life, she has fought to live out the values of true leadership, activism, and equality. As one of the youngest public servants in Detroit, she is familiar with breaking barriers and overcoming obstacles in order to effectively produce change. You can ensure that she is the best viable candidate for District 3!


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  1. Hey DET…I’m impressed! Not only with your website, but with you. You are a very accomplished young lady, an excellent choice for the council! It was a pleasure meeting you at the printing shop and hopefully we will serve our great city together. I’ll be in touch as I must pick your brain concerning a website. I will encourage anyone I know in #3 to vote for you. Good luck!

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