Transit Can Provide a Solution for Elderly Mobility Challenges

#TransitMatters for Senior Citizens

Transportation for Michigan

The ability to get to the places where we need and want to go is essential to a healthy and happy life. Whether we’re trying to get to work, a medical facility or a recreational event, we all depend on some form of transportation to get us there. But, as The Detroit Free Press recently reported in a series of articles, elderly individuals often face the difficult question of how to access these places once they are no longer able to drive themselves.

In one of the articles, Ray Kolpacki, an 80-year-old resident of Westland, told reporter Robin Erb that if he was no longer able to drive, he’d “go sit down right there in that chair and die,” a sentiment shared by many individuals in a similar situation.

While the articles provide a realistic insight into a very challenging situation, they miss an important alternative to driving. Transit…

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