An invitation to The White House; bringing young people to the table

A few times a year, The White House opens their doors for sit-in meetings and allow people to engage with Administration through social media. This time young people have been asked to bring their voices to the table. On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 the White House will host a Youth Summit, offering 150 young people from around the country an opportunity to discuss the Affordable Care Act and other issues that are important to them with senior White House officials.


 Throughout President Obama’s career, he has often expressed a strong commitment in fighting for young people. Whether it’s been about increasing access to higher education, or expanding health care coverage, giving young people a fair shot has been a priority in his agenda since the beginning of his Presidential elections in 2008. 


As a youth advocate, activist, and leader I’ve always had a passion to inspire other young people to get engaged in the political process. That’s why when I decided to run for Detroit City Council this past election cycle, I decided that my entire campaign would be youth-driven and youth- led. My journey was about starting a movement to lead up into something much bigger. The inclusion and movement of youth and young adults between the age of 15- 35 is much bigger than most credit. I am apart of the most connected and educated generation. There is true power in our voice and in the numbers we can massively organize when empowered and included in the process. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight and I certainly believe that we need more organizations willing to invest into building up the next generation of leadership. I believe that I am here to help lead the way. I never asked for permission. I just decided that it was time for change, got tired of waiting, and now I’m preparing to bring others along with me.

According to First Person Politics, “Millennials will make up the majority of members of the House of Representatives around 2035, “give or take a couple of years,” It is also noted that Millennials will take over the Senate sometime between 2036 and 2044. My generation is preparing to do something epic. Momentum is building through organizations like Chicago Votes, Young People For, and Campus to Congress just to name a few.

That’s why when I opened my e-mail on Wednesday, November 27th to read: (dramatic drum roll…)

photo (4)

I was enthustiastic  about the opportunity to have a voice at the table and be included in dialogue that would help me become the change I wish to see for generations to come.Young people like me must be granted the opportunity to discuss current affairs and take notice of the policy areas where we have an important perspective. Take issues like the financial cost of higher education and the reduction of welfare benefits for peopleunder-25: these are judgments on which our opinions have been frequently passed over, much to our detriment.When will people realize that we are the future of this country so wouldn’t it make sense to make a better investment for a better society?

We surely did not create the problems we are living in today, but I am a witness to tell you that we are ready and willing to be the ones to help solve them. Right here, right now…

Politics and the mainstream media must forget their differences and team up to get the youth onside, with the responsibility of protecting future age groups from a huge societal burden; the education and welfare of younger people are just as essential as pensions and care in old age. To encourage our engagement in the discussion, politicians and journalists ought to ensure that they discuss issues relating to young people and present them in a way that we can identify with.


Even if you can’t be at the Summit in person, you are still still invited to join in the conversations over social media. The White House wants to hear from you! On Monday, December 2nd at 8:00 p.m. ET, you can join White House Deputy Senior Advisor for Commnications David Simas, Kal Pen, and Young Invincibles for a Google+ Hangout.

During this live video chat, they’ll also announce the winners of the “Healthy Young America Video Contest,” preview the upcoming Youth Summit, and take questions about the Affordable Care Act and what It means for young Americans.

You can watch the Hangout live on the White House Google+ page.  Have a comments or questions? Ask them using the  hashtag #WHYouth on Twitter and on Google+ and we’ll answer some of them during the live Hangout.

Additionally, on December 4th, you can watch the Summit live starting at 2:00 pm ET

Throughout the day White House staff, HHS officials, and other special guests will be taking questions submitted on twitter using the hashtag #WHYouth.

I will also be documenting my journey through social media, blogging, pictures, and videos. Stay tuned! #DET4Detroit

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