“Woman 2 Woman” with UAW Region 1 Women’s Council


On Wednesday, April 17th the UAW Region 1 Women’s Council had an empowering event to educate women about the importance of our involvement to effectively organize to fight for equal pay, appeal Right to Work, increase minimum wage, and protect reproductive rights.

As a Feminist, the labor movement from a woman’s perspective is very interesting to me personally and politically. It’s evident that laborers who are women obviously have a intersectional battle when it comes to protecting their rights on the work site, in their communities, and on the ballot.
Unions help protect working families. In order to help eliminate poverty, increase access to resources & opportunities to produce change, and help keep families productive and strong we must fight to keep unions alive. Laws like “Right to Work” dismantles Democracy and therefore challenges the livelihood of families. But with events such as “Woman 2 Woman” members are sure to be informed and empowered to stay dedicated to the good fight.


Learning from the strong women of UAW Region 1 instilled a deeper sense of passion in me to furthermore push for positive change.


As a Civil Rights Activist, I’m a firm believer in building strong coalitions; because in order to win the battles of injustice we must organize, network, and mobilize.

We must all effectively come together and empower each other as one before we can effectively inspire a movement.

Women have always been considered the backbones and foundations of our families and communities. Change is coming… The shift begins now!


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