Uplifting Northeast Detroit

If you certainly believe there is no hope in the youth, then you’re truly lacking incredible faith for the future.


It’s time to make a difference now. We cannot wait any longer. As we all know, we need a #POSITIVE change in our community for the benefit of the public. I’ve been a resident of #Northeast #Detroit my entire life and a very proud product of Detroit Public Schools. Some of my community’s most pressing issues of concern revolve around abandoned homes & blight, public transportation, quality education and recreation, and waste reduction & management. As a young community leader, I will no longer allow my future to lie in the hands of those who came before me but did not lie a sturdy enough foundation for me to grow after. Some of the things I’m currently doing to address our problems are organizing my very own community clean-ups all around Northeast Detroit with fellow friends, family, and community members. Also I will be creating more educational & recreational activities for the youth, focusing on restructuring abandoned land and lots by urban gardening, and hosting clean-ups all around NE Detroit. We will also focus on bringing solar panel streetlights in our district to make some of the most dangerous areas safer this summer. Join us for the movement, starting with #MotorCityMakeover Day on May 4th on #7mile & I-75 at 1pm. Contact DET4Detroit at 313-338-9936 for more information. The shift is getting ready to occur…


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