Restore Northeast Detroit

On April 6th at 10am, our team attended the Restore NED Community meeting. Restore NED held one of their normal monthly meetings at the Conner Creek Hospital to continue creating their strategic framework plan to rebuild, restore, and revitalize Northeast Detroit. With such strong and diverse committees specifically based on the topics of clean-up beautification, investment, community/economic level, and youth engagement our district is surely on it’s way of improving.

The Strategic Framework Process is organized by community development advocates, such as Dr. Angela Adams working to make our district a better place. The district has been broken down into zones. In each zone, there are 4 phase meetings that will be happening. There are 9 engagement zones in total for the entire Northeast Detroit. For each area, 3 people will be assigned to each zone: two community engagement volunteers and one faith based organizer. Four priorities will be in kept mind: 1. Collect data 2. Determine priorities 3. Decide short-term goals 4. Plan an Action. These objectives will be completed by October just before election time November.

However, it was really sad to see that there was absolutely no young adults or youth involved in this great initiative. A change needs to be made in the city and it’s going to take the input and concern of ALL of our people to make it happen. Every citizen counts.

Too often, the older generation unconsciously exclude youth from the conversations and make the mistake of blaming most of the pressing issues & majority of the problems on young people. This creates a very uncomfortable setting. How can a new generation feel included and want to be involved if the topics of concern are always directed to the negative stereotypes of our urban youth? A change needs to be made and it’s going to take the involvement of our entire community.

Our team is preparing to build a revolutionary movement and help break down these barriers.

We need to ensure every voice is heard because we all deserve to feel included in the changes of the future. The youth must come together and start demanding action. Northeast Detroit needs change. It’s Time!


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