Osborn Community and the fight for a better quality of life


Our children deserve a safer, cleaner, and prosperous district to live, play, and grow.

In Northeast Detroit, we live in the 3rd most poverty stricken districts of our city. We are dealing with blight, abandoned homes, crime, violence, and an overall environment that is unfit and unsafe for any child to live in. Our communities are losing hope. Our surroundings speak volumes of the pain living inside our hearts. There is no doubt we need change here on the northeast.


When I spoke with Mr. John Perry, a Detroit resident of the Osborn community who lived right across the street from Fleming Academy, he told me that he was ready to see a difference and it was going to take a strong young person to make that change. Living in a home without running water, he had been praying for better days. Mr. Perry had also called the city countless times since that day he moved to Detroit from Tennessee to have the trash picked up from next door; because he couldn’t bare watching children have to see such an ugly sight everyday.


My generation is currently walking into a sad & unfortunate situation that the ones before us had left. Now it’s left up to those who want a better future to clean it all up now. We did not make this mess but if we want a brighter future we have to fix it. These issues were started long before many of us was born and transformed into a far greater problem. There’s no reason our community should be so depreciated that our children literally have nothing to inherit for growth. In order to bring back the spirit of people, it’s going to take hope and faith.

Northeast Detroit deserves a better quality of life. We are fighting for change. If the people of our community do not stand up and fight for a better future, then who will be that voice for us?



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