National Action Network meeting on Democracy

On Saturday, March 30th the National Action Network gathered at the Historical King Solomon Baptist Church to organize a movement to uplift Democracy in Detroit. NAN Michigan President Rev. Charles Williams gave an powerful speech about the civil rights movement and nonviolent protest for positive change.

The day began with a spirit lifting Opening Prayer from Rev. Charles Williams.

“We cannot fight for Democracy in Iraq if we are in the middle of a battle at home.” stated the Church community. We are fighting for fair government overseas and our own democratic rights aren’t being preserved right here in Detroit.

The National Action Network organized a Federal intervention takeover with other community activist. You can be involved by witting a letter or relaying the message that Detroit does not want an Emergency Financial Manager. Information noted below:

Call: (202) 514-2000
Fax: (202) 616-9152
Attorney Eric Holder

Next events- Saturday, June 22nd “Commemorative March Toward Freedom” in Detroit

Saturday, August 24th, “Commemorative March Toward Freedom” in Washington DC


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