We stand firm with the Unions as we oppose “Right to Work” Laws

On March 28th, the UAW hosted an event about the “Right to Work” Laws Governor Snyder has proposed. This is a strategic effort to dismantle democracy. It’s happening now in our education system, our local government and now in the labor movement. Mainstream media has allowed us to believe we are oppressed and we’ve become hopeless but we can rise. Michigan is the 27th State in America to become “Right to Work.”

Unions are the fabric of the working class life. My grandfather is 73 years old, and was a Union member for over 30 years of his life with the International Affiliation of Machinist and Aerospace Workers (affiliated with AFL-CIO), I know the importance of ensuring we have livable wages for all, fair and equal treatment, and an organized process in which employees can always turn to in times of need. Many residents of Detroit share a similar story.

We need someone who’s going to protect the concerns of senior citizens and empower the youth during these troubling times. We must began to educate the average citizen about the importance of unions to address the attack on labor. Democracy gives us the right to organize. It’s time to stand up and demand our rights by acknowledging the issues at hand.






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