“We Deserve a Vote Rally” in Detroit


On Monday, March 4th at the Cadillac Place in Detroit, the NAACP Detroit Branch, AFSCME Council, UAW, 13th Congressional Democrats, and the Detroit Caucus of the Michigan House of Representatives came together to present a Press Conference to address the issues of appointing an Emergency Financial Manager. The Conference was noted to be open to the public. However, only 40 people were allowed in the room at a time and less than that were actually admitted.

With a motive to maintain such a strict limited crowd, this defeated the whole purpose of having an event to uplift the voices of our communities. Too many people were silenced; the line wrapped around the outside wall as the room remained partially empty on the inside. The community activist and protesters were outraged and disgusted.


However, Rev. Charles Williams II gathered around a small group and organized together a protest at the United States Department of Justice to demand Federal Intervention from US Attorney General Eric Holder. Our voices in the fight for Democracy will not be silenced.


The Emergency Financial Manager Law is unconstitutional and violates the Voter Rights Act. We cannot allow this law to go in effect. Our situation does not mean strip the rights of voters away, it means that we need the chance to vote in leaders with integrity, will-power, and the faith to get the job fine. This Is What Democracy Looks Like!


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