Detroit Organizers Prepare to Fight for their Voter Rights

D.E.T. For Detroit

Yesterday, a passionate group of community activist and residents of Detroit organized a meeting to discuss the Emergency Financial Manager Law and the status of Detroit in the Congressional 13th District at King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church. In this meeting we shared our vision in creating a strategic framework in achieving justice and protecting Democracy in Michigan. Benton Harbor, Ecorse, and Flint are all cities also affected by the emergency manager law in Michigan. These are predominantly African-American communities, therefore it disrupts the black vote and create a civil rights issue; especially since where Detroit plays a major role on the African American turn-out in Michigan.

“I’m against the Emergency Financial Manager because there is never an appropriate time to suspend Democracy. We all deserve the right to ensure our voices are heard.” -D.E.Thomas


Meeting at King Solomon Missionary Baptist

We have come together as one as a City, as a State, and as a Nation in efforts to start a petition to call on President Obama to stop the Emergency Financial Manager Law, you can can sign here:

Unity in our Community

We are aiming for 3 goals and it’s going to take each and everyone of us to make this fight effective!

Detroit will rise again.

The first thing we must do is educate ourselves and others to spread the information to as many people as possible.

This is not just a Detroit thing…it’s a not just a Michigan thing… this is a National thing. It is a Democracy thing!

Secondly, we must gain Federal Attention. This issue needs to be addressed by the Government and we need our President to intervene and restore Democracy by ending this Law. Thirdly, we need Attorney General Eric Holder to address this as a civil rights violation and voter rights violation. Detroit deserves to have a voice. We voted against this Dictatorship. We must be heard! Democracy must be restored.


Fundraising for Justice



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